A multiple listing service that is accessible to the public for free. Coming in 2022.


A premium consumer service that enables access to all public domain real estate and market data in a country or region.


An enterprise platform that enables organizations with significant real estate exposure to collect, cleanse, and access their data in concert with up-to-date public information – to enable institution wide access to this data to streamline decision making. Coming in 2022.


A client-tailored service aimed at leveraging the metadata provided by both public and private sources on the platform to provide world class real estate research.


An application programming interface (API) that provides third party data aggregators and large corporations with established real estate data management systems already in place with direct access to the RED Atlas database. Coming in 2022.


Automatic Valuation Model: Generate valuation reports which state the estimated lease and transaction value of any property on the platform. Coming in 2022.

Lists: add an unlimited number of properties to an unlimited number of lists.

Brochure Generation: generate client-ready property presentations with a single click.

Site Selector: Sfind properties with filters for points of interest and market demographics. Coming in 2022.

Property Filters: narrow your property search with status, property, finance, and building filters.

Atlas Enterprise Exchange: Monetize your data and acquire private data with Atlas Enterprise Exchange. Coming in 2022.