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Atlas Enterprise

Data integration is the seminal problem of the digital age and real estate is relatively far behind, especially in emerging markets. RED Atlas helps global real estate-oriented institutions rise to the challenge.


Branded Brochure

Generate client-ready property presentations with a single click.


Site Selector

Find properties with filters for points of interest and market demographics.


Atlas Enterprise Exchange

Monetize your data and acquire private data with Atlas Enterprise Exchange.


Create Lists

Add an unlimited number of properties to an unlimited number of lists.


Automatic Valuation Model

Generate reports that states the estimated lease and transaction value of any property on the platform.


Property Filters

Narrow your property search with status, property, finance, and building filters.


Data Cleansing

Identifying and correcting duplicated, incorrect and irrelevant data.


RED Points

Monetize your data and acquire private data with Atlas Enterprise Exchange.

What is Atlas Enterprise?

Atlas Enterprise encodes our experience in an open, automated, and modular platform. With Enterprise, governments and organizations can accelerate their end-to-end data transformation — and eliminate manual research and transaction processes. Atlas Enterprise is an enterprise platform that enables organizations with significant of real estate exposure to collect, cleanse, and access their data in concert with up-to-date public information – to enable institution wide access to this data to streamline decision making.

The RED Atlas platform reimagines how people use real estate data by removing the barriers between back-end data collection and management, and front-end data analysis. With Atlas Enterprise, anyone in your organization can source, connect, and transform real estate data, then use it to act.

Atlas Intelligence is primarily centered around the following processes:



Multiple data upload portals enable users to upload data in a variety of ways to ensure maximum absorption within an organization.



Our AI and analytics team leverages automated and manual data cleansing processes to cleanse the data into a single global real estate ontology.



Once cleansed, data can be displayed and leveraged on property and macro levels to provide specific and precise insights depending on the needs of the organization and their clients.



Custom automated report generation eliminates the need for most previously manual actions, transforming data into a variety of client-ready deliverables.

What can organizations do with Atlas Enterprise?

A successful data transformation requires the whole organization — analysts, brokers, and leadership — to operate in lockstep. With Enterprise, the organization comes together to transform internal data access and to turn its real estate data into a competitive advantage.

Organizations can use Enterprise to:

Deliver immediate, compounding business value.

With the whole organization collaborating on the same data foundation, the cost of new data projects drops, and the value of the data asset increases over time. Instead of putting success at the end of a five-year roadmap, Atlas Enterprise lets organizations achieve critical outcomes from the start.

Accelerate the real estate brokerage process.

Real estate professionals spend far too much time researching multiple private and government sources for information. Atlas Enterprise eliminates mundane and time-consuming data compilation and presentation tasks.

Instill trust. In real-asset business environments data integrity is key.

Atlas Enterprise provides as a backstop for real estate transactions to ensure both parties that agreements are being reached on a foundation of relevant, verifiable market and property data. RED Atlas combines automated data quality checks with tools for users to flag issues when they see them, sustaining the integrity of the data asset over the long term.

Grant access to information quickly and precisely.

Atlas Enterprise lets organizations define granular access control policies at the integration stage. This enables employees, partner organizations, and clients to access the data they need with easy to manage corporate permissions.

All Solutions


A multiple listing service that is accessible to the public for free. Coming in 2022.


A premium consumer service that enables access to all public domain real estate and market data in a country or region.


An enterprise platform that enables organizations with significant real estate exposure to collect, cleanse, and access their data in concert with up-to-date public information – to enable institution wide access to this data to streamline decision making. Coming in 2022.


A client-tailored service aimed at leveraging the metadata provided by both public and private sources on the platform to provide world class real estate research.


An application programming interface (API) that provides third party data aggregators and large corporations with established real estate data management systems already in place with direct access to the RED Atlas database. Coming in 2022.