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RED Atlas is a real estate search engine for emerging markets based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We conduct expansive, ongoing data collection and verification to produce and maintain a comprehensive database that serves as the central nervous system for real estate information in the markets that we serve. Our products are designed to serve consumer, enterprise, and government client segments. Each service is derived from a single database that enables access to property-level data and analytics.

With RED Atlas, companies can securely store their private data and leverage it in concert with public data, real estate brokers can streamline their workflow so that they can spend more time serving clients, and investors and underwriters can broaden their investing and underwriting horizons with detailed insights into previously opaque markets. Individual property owners can quickly and affordably value and understand their property and their market, and governments can track their countries real estate growth and assess properties at fair, market-driven tax valuations.

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If you are a real estate agent searching for a large portfolio of properties, information and news, we designed a set of solutions that will meet your needs.



Wether you are a company or an institution with a large portfolio of properties, we design a set of solutions to meet your needs and investment objectives.


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